Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today V1.2

Quadraspire :+1:

Don’t confuse me, I was dangerously close to making a decision… :drooling_face:


In fairness, I think it’s a special (‘special’) order job now as you will be astonished to learn it’s not a terribly strong seller.

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My offer’s in :ok_hand:


Just down the road from me if you win and want me to collect :smile::smile::smile:

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Ah’m feelin’ lucky :+1:


An Asset UPnP premium license.

I wondered what happened when the trial period expired. Basically it becomes useless :laughing:

Like dbPoweramp, well worth the money.

Sorry, no photos.

It lives :slightly_smiling_face:

Not exactly new to me, but first time it’s actually been working!


Low mileage AT33PTG/II.

And a superb REGA IOS, unfortunately only on loan :slightly_frowning_face:, god it’s good……


Those original ios phono stages are excellent.

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It’s bloody great :+1:.

Those original Ios are rare things; they weren’t made for very long before it became the Ios Reference in the big casework which cost lots more. This means that the original ones have actually appreciated in value (not so great for you if you actually want to buy one I guess). The Aura is better still but it’s £4,400 so it bloody well ought to be.

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Just waiting for my adapters to arrive…


And look what the postie has just handed me :smile:


Be interested to hear how you get on.

Just have to organise some gear to help safely prop the speakers whilst I remove the spikes and adjustment rods :grimacing:

Just don’t mix them with the carpet rods…
(Fancy Gaia I myself…)

Managed to chock the speakers as they were tipped and unscrewed the large AG fitted spikes and fit the Gaia in their place.

So usual caveats apply I guess about expectation basis and so on, and of course they are not an easy thing to A-B compare etc. But having listened to a few things and then stuck Kraftwerk on for the low bass test - there are no longer ripples of bass coming through the floorboards and when it goes low, it now you feel ‘see’ it clearly in the soundstage, and feel it in the sofa cushions and your ribs too. All the while the soundstage appears pin sharp.

Need to do some more listening tomorrow but so far I think I can hear an audible difference. This is with all the EQ set exactly the same as it was before. I suspect now I can probably begin to dial up the bass on the speakers and see if its cleaner in the room before it starts to excite something else in the room to play along the bass lines as well.

Initial impressions - quite promising.


After I do any mods I usually have to tweak the speaker positions to get the best out of the mod. Just last week after adding a new bit of kit I modded my speakers so now they have to move to Poland for new voice coils.

Feel free to follow me for more tips.

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