Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today V1.2

Lovely Stu we are going to get that singing !


A couple of weeks ago I saw on pfm that Tony L was selling off some SME 3009 parts. I was able to get all the parts I needed to return my SME 3012 to stock. As usual Johnny (J7) did a splendid job and I picked up the arm from him tonight. What a difference!




Lovely, nice to se the correct counter weight for the SPU too

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Love the look of that SP10. Lovely setup

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Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor speakers

The Snell J’s are just too boomy up against the wall and the Omegas have nothing in the bass.

Really impressed with how good these sound for such a small speaker. Plus the build quality and looks are outstanding


There was talk of clubbing together and buying your Snell’s when you got bored( or found a reason to rid them ) and keeping them just for lopwel

They sounded great in that room

Sounds like it’s come quicker than we thought!


Finally got round to plumbing in the Acoustic Signature MCX-1.

It’s years since I last had a MC cart so it will take a while to get used to it but first impressions are very good. I’m also waiting for another shiny new thing to (hopefully) make things even betterer.


Freshly arrived is an EMT928 turntable.

It’s fitted with an EMT909 arm which is setup for the company’s ‘Tondose’ type carts. They’ve supplied three of these…

…of which this is the middle one with an elliptical stylus. There’s one with a conical which I’m probably going to ignore and a super dooper one I’ll try later.

It’s an odd but quite engaging bit of kit. It had the density of a neutron star and is battery powered for added fuckery. It’s belt driven which is a bit of a puzzler as I thought they were big into direct drive. It’s enjoyable to listen to though and I rather like it.

Not sure of the exact cost; think it’s about £14-15k as it sits.


Their later, serious broadcast models 938,948 & 950 were all DD but I imagine would be horrendously expensive to make (even simplified for domestic use) nowadays. The earlier 927 & 930 were idler drive & immensely engineered. Won’t this, to some extent, have been outsourced to Thorens?

Not sure- I will be having a conversation with their head honcho next week so I’ll see what I can find out.

Surprised it’s not even more