Shipment UK to Germany

Any suggestions which company is best for sending a small package and at which approx. cost?
Will weigh around 2 kg.
Preferably with tracking number and some insurance in case the package get lost.

Probably Royal Mail if it definitely isn’t >2kg.

If it is over 2kg I’d go with one of the aggregators like Interparcel and choose a UPS tracked service.


I use UPS through Interparcel.
Should be able to do two day service, for £15.


^^^ this

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Use Royal mail at work for upto 2kg depending on value
If expensive item then dpd

Get track and sign if you use rm

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I shipped 17kg of Records to Holland, tracked and signed for £18 with Parcelforce via Parcelmonkey.

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I always go through Interparcel as well. Usually UPS. Always been flawless.

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Thanks to all for the swift replies!

Royal Mail or UPS.
If it’s of significant value, especially if it’s over the carrier’s threshold, separate parcels insurance is worth considering, not least because - provided you follow their guidelines - their cover is more inclusive and has fewer get-outs. Secursus are pretty good and simple to use. UPS Capital are cheaper, but AFAIK are business use only.

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