Shipping Hi-fi to Europe

I need to send the DDDAC I have for sale to Italy, to a trusted Wam forum member (insert comment here).

Anyone recommend packaging supplier and courier? I’ve used DPD before with an expensive amp and that didn’t get damaged, but only mainland.

Thinking about buying a plywood box, seems sensibly priced and would offer good protection…

Any constructive, helpful advice appreciated…(thinks twice about posting…)

Use dpd most weeks
Had a problem with Italy last week but that was down to us forgetting the invoice

Get b&q or similar to cut some 15 or 18mm ply or mdf. Just tell them the sizes. Then totally overpack inside it. We had to make a largish box on Monday for a 40kg item. Is boring but worth it

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sounds like a plan, thank you

UPS via P2G.

I have used Interparcel quite a few times.
Pack to more than you think it needs then pack it some more.
If you are not confident about dropping the package from 1m onto a concrete floor landing on a corner then you haven’t packed it well enough


Check with your courier if they’ll accept a plywood box. I remember having to wrap a ply box in order for the courier to accept it. No idea why. Some jobsworth cuntery.

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can imagine that scenario, in danger of hurting their feet as they boot it onto the van.


Interparcel UPS option, Get some Ethafoam and double cardboard box it


I sent an expensive mains cable to northern Italy two weeks ago with UPS via Interparcel. No problems at all. I could track it and they sent me texts when out for delivery and on delivery.

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When your in B&Q get a sheet of polystyrene insulation. I had my sub-woofer delivered with 4" all around successfully delivered.

Another one for UPS via interparcel. I’ve had a couple of claims and both have been paid (1 damage & 1 loss). Take pics and insure to value.

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Good shout been looking for foam etc

I always take photos of the package before I send it. Can be a big help in your favour in case of an insurance claim.


Flight cases can be picked up on eBay pretty cheaply.

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