Shit you just now learned


When I get cross my kids call me Victorian Belfast Dad.


Ah, that pesky @browellm was it :slight_smile: ?


From one to another :smiley:


Don’t wind him up, you might send him over the edge - he’s been very tetchy lately, what with puns, too small album pics and flammable kit. :rofl:



Easily confused with squegg. :slightly_smiling_face:


What is this inflammable kit of which you speak? :thinking:


If I said the name it would only piss off my fellow mod…so get to fuck you stirring bastard :wink:


Sorry, I don’t know what you mean :grinning:


I betcha don’t…:laughing:


Not Very Astute are we?!


How d’ya mean?


Not sure. Just making things up over here.


Unholy fabric feline auricles, Hingeman!!!




Never knew this was a thing;


Now that is on my Christmas list… :grin:


Raise a toast to the mug of Old John.


Just found an app where you can car park at hotels,b&bs houses etc
All day in London for £18 excellent
No doubt it’s been out ages,but only just found it


I used it when we went to ETF, to get a space in Portsmouth. Worked well


There’s an Android app for identifying plants, trees etc.

Just out walking the dogs with the guvnor and I saw a strange, to me, looking leaf. She took a photo and within a few seconds tells me the Latin name.

What will they think of next?