Shit you just learned (probably from the internet.)

Jack Johnson, first black heavyweight boxing champion, received a patent in 1922 for an adjustable wrench

It had nothing to do with the Monkey Wrench which was named for inventor Charles Moncky

Music related:

John Denver was born Henry John Deutschendorf Jr.

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China used 40% more concrete in the years 2011-2013 than the US did in the entire 20th century


That is a mortar-fying statistic.

More seriously, I read that sand is the second most used natural resource after water. Some estimates predict that sand will be scarce by the end of the 21st century.


There’s probably a grain of truth in that


Woody Harrelson’s dad was a contract killer.

That goat yoga is a thing. :scream:


That’s old news. Pangolin Cross-fit is where it’s at now.

Music related:


"Cobain came up with the song’s title when his friend Kathleen Hanna, at the time the lead singer of the riot grrrl band Bikini Kill, wrote “Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit” on his wall.[5][6] Hanna meant that Cobain smelled like the deodorant Teen Spirit, which his then-girlfriend Tobi Vail wore. (Wikipeeppedia)

Non music related:

Humans and the Nine Banded Armadillo are considered the only animals to give birth to identical twins.

I didn’t know until recently that the phrase ‘goodbye’ is derived from ‘god be with ye’

Riiiiiight, so tell me; how the fuck do they form a circle with their hooves when in the lotus position? :smirk:

Leonard Nimoy directed Three Men and a Baby.

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West Texas country godfather Tommy Hancock was later a devotee of Guru Maharaj Ji.

The Almighty Kiki Dee was the first female singer from the UK to sign with Motown’s Tamla Records

That it’s Matt’s birthday!

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Happy birthday,anything special lined up for the half century celebration?

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Happy Birthday Matt :birthday:

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