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Try the 4 ohm taps as well as the 8 ohm taps. They are there for a purpose!


I had never heard of this practice. It seems like a really good idea.


In what way is it a really good idea ? I suppose it’s better than finding that your parents have got together with someone else’s parents and arranged that you’re going to marry their offspring without you or said offspring making the final decision. It seems it was really about providing a son for inheritance purposes though

… If the son was born within the year and a day, the son succeeded all of the rights, but if no son was born within the year and a day, then the contract was dissolved and the parties were at liberty to remarry …

I’m not sure it’s really what we’re about in the 21st century. Or have I missed something ? (Apologies if it’s the irony emoji :grin:.)



I liked the idea that you live together as man and wife for a trial period of a year and if it all works out then you tie the knot legally. It might save a lot of divorces.


Mrs VB and I did that for more than two years back in the 1980’s. We called it ‘being engaged and moving in together and then buying a house but using contraception so there were no kids if it didn’t work out’. Not quite the same when it came to the kids aspect, but I’m not convinced that making babies with someone you’re really not sure about has a lot to recommend it. In the worst case you’re left holding them and they turn out to be just like the person you can’t bear.



I think there’s no obligation to procreate in the modern application :grinning:




disco inferno ’ roughly translates from Latin as ‘I learn through suffering/by means of hell’


apparently Germany has been urged to end paying tax free pensions to former nazi collaborators living abroad and apparently according to the times there are 34 former nazi pensioners living in Britain



Source ?


sat feb 23 2019 the times page 45 [world section]


That The Model by Kraftwerk was a B side…


The Pantheon is 1900 years old and is the still the largest unsupported concrete dome in the world.


Un-reinforced. If you’re prepared to put rebar in you can make bigger ones. Wikipedia says the ‘Faith Chapel Christian Center’ in Birmingham AL is now the biggest monolithic concrete dome and is about twice the diameter of the Pantheon



Megachurch for the megagod :+1:


looks a bit quiet is God on strike?


He’s probably down the Pantheon hanging out with all the others.

EDIT: I’ve just read that the Pantheon is now a church. Ironic. Maybe they should rename it the Monotheon.