Shit you just now learned

There are no crematoriums in Greece. Though the govt is trying to pass legislation now to allow them.

That I’ve just been given my marching orders from the HO. At least they’ve given me 4 weeks notice instead of the usual week.
Ahh, the joys of contracting

Sorry to hear this Dave. Hopefully another contract is just around the corner.

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I echo this sentiment :+1:

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Ever forwards Dave.

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Thanks for the comments, chaps.
It would appear, however, that there is subterfuge happening. One cunt (lead planner) wants me out, but he hasn’t been truthful with the rest of the team about the reason(s). Money has been given as the excuse (apparently I earn more than the other planners). Said cunt has told people that I was offered the chance to stay but at a reduced rate, and that I declined. Programme Director has just had a word with me and said it’s a shame that I’m not staying on for a slightly reduced rate. I told him that it wasn’t offered. He is not amused and told me he will take it further (he’s one of the good guys, thankfully).
I don’t think this is over. I’ll still probably have to go but not before I’ve put the boot in to the aforementioned cunt and let people know what a two-faced, untrustworthy shithead he is. (The word is spreading fast :+1:)


It’s always good to ask yourself 'What would James Bond do? The answer is always the same. Have sex with lead planners wife, taunt lead planner, destroy lead planner.


If she is anything like him then I’d rather take my chances with a pit full of vipers

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Mmmm, a viper shagger, that’s intriguing and original. :thinking:

I hope you discredit and beat the chappie into a pulp, I hate cunts like that.

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Thanks - I feel there is more to come out of this. Someone, somewhere is not telling the truth. And it isn’t me.

When is a straight line not quicker than a curve?

When it’s an isochronus curve…


Watched that a few days ago.

Sorcery I reckon.

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When the speeds are not the same (because the accelerations are not the same).

There’s a school maths question that says imagine the school playground (asphalt covered) butts up against the sports field (muddy grass covered) and you need to get as quickly as possible from a specified point in the playground to a specified point on the sports field. What path do you take given that you can run, say, 25% faster on the asphalt than on the muddy grass ? The answer is not, in general, the straight line from the first point to the second. The quickest path will be one that changes direction as you run off the asphalt and onto the grass. It’ll make the distance on the (quick) asphalt greater and the distance on the (slow) grass less yet won’t make the overall distance a lot greater.

It’s an example of the so-called Principle of Least Action*.


*Which Mrs VB refuses to accept as a justification for me loafing on the sofa watching the football.


is astroturf just as bad as grass

This little gem will be deployed liberally and soon

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That cross section shape is worryingly similar to that blokes bum on the etherial flute post here 17 days ago

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For running it’s better I think. Probably not for smoking though.


Refraction, I guess

Indeed. As an optics bloke that’s where I first came across it. Works for reflection too. And general relativity I believe.


Reminds me of our physics teacher at school referring to inertia as ‘cosmic laziness’ - I could really relate to that.

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