Short notice bake E6 - Sat 7th April


Room for about 8 if anyone wants to spin some tunes, swap kit about, eat baked food and talk bollocks. 12-9 pm or until the neighbours call the rozzers.


Please mate. Love to hear Rhedkos again.

And meet some folk.


Thanks for the kind offer.

I’d love to come along but I have something (non - negotiable) on that day :neutral_face:


Yes Paul :smile:


Can you put me down as a possible please Paul, will check the trains, what station is nearest to you?


Sure thing Chris, hope you can make it. I’m on the District and the Hammersmith and City lines, if you’re coming into Waterloo? Then jubilee line to West Ham and change onto either of the above ( both lines are on the same platform) then 3 stops to East Ham.


excellent thanks, will try and make it.


Cheers for a good afternoon Paul.

I heard some unknown music to me which is always a plus.

Also nice to Rehdeko speakers again. Very tight and fast sound. Similar in balance to my Lowthers.

Cheers to Jim for the lift, the station was a five minute walk

Found Below the Bass line on Spotify, on my headphones now on the journey back to the seaside.


I took Tull and they didn’t play it :rage:


Cheers Jim,
Thanks for coming, really nice to meet you. Sorry about the Tull album, it might have had a chance had it not been for @Jim’s bag of delights. Impressive cover though :grinning:


Bloody disgusting behaviour :confounded:


Original Pink Island pop up sleeve as well!


Even worserer :pensive:


Than Tull? Null set there.


gutted I missed this as it would have been good to hear the PIP.

Really should organise a bake off soon but you lot are all northerners.


Yellow Meh!