Should I buy a ZeTime smart watch?

I like my Sony, but it’s fucking ugly. Should I buy the kickstarter ZeTime one with hands?

I like the hands and the look, although it’s bloody big. I like the heart rate monitor as well. Concerns: mainly the custom software, which might be simply shit. What am I missing?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Where is the “what the hell on toast is it” option?



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If you have a phone do you really need a massive watch?

It’s only £136 for the poshest elite version, give it a go. You can probably find a nice face in the options to mitigate the in your faceness.

Must admit I can’t see the point of smart watches though.

Go for it if you want to wait 5 months for one, that’s even if they hit the target release date.

Personally think it looks horrible.

A watch should be a watch and fuck all else, if you want a smart gadget buy a smartphone.

I like my Sony watch, and find it useful and fun. I suppose you guys are of the view that phones should just be used for making calls? :joy:

I am. If you want smart then get one of these


A pair of nerds? Where would I keep them? Would a leaky shed suffice?

What’s the point of a smart watch with hands too?

One annoyance of the Sony is that it often doesn’t register the click of the wrist to wake it up, so you have to look carefully to see the time. It’s all about battery life.

This one will presumably not turn on at all, unless you press the button to see it. Thus it has hands, and a week long battery life.

I like those watches where you don’t have to worry about batteries. You just turn a little knob on the side & a mechanical system inside keeps it running for a few days. Fantastic. What will they think of next?



Automatic watches?

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Wank and wind.

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Double wank.

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Do you get to tell the time in a German accent with this bastard?

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I tried to edit your poll to add the “I should punch myself in the face repeatedly because I’m a gullible twat” option, but it wouldn’t let me, :frowning:


I’m now hopelessly torn; while I’ve decided that the custom firmware makes it too risky, I’m also really keen on getting one so I can taunt all you fuckers with it. The dilemma continues.


All the watch you could ever need :slight_smile: