Should we resurect the AAAC? (((With no polls watsoever)))

OK, what with lockdown and no summer holidays on the horizon could this be the time to bring the Audio Abattoir Album Club back from the dead? Maybe a change of scheduling might help? Nominations posted midweek for final dissection over the weekend? If you are interested, or have something ‘witty’ to share, let me know by posting in the thread below or via PM.


Yes please Sir ! I have some wonderful choons to share with my adoring fan base :+1:

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Yes, we’ve forgotten (almost*) everything from previous AAACs so let’s give it a go.

  • there were some unforgettable horrors

Yes please.

This just crossed my mind the other day.

Yeah, why not.

(I give it 3 months)

Just as long as I can go first

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I can deal with that.

I thought it ended up with just three of you in a race to the bottom of taste and quality?

Consider yourself added to the list @Kevin.

I’ll put you down for the AAAC too…?:smirk:

happy to join in with this if it gets back into gear, could do with some new music to try now I use spotify for work listening

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Oh yes please.




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Fair enough. If we restart this I’ll leave you both off the list then.



Yes… because I’ve just got a Fuck Buttons cd. I remember @mibby opining about these terrible cunts years ago.

So far the voting looks like this:

Yes (12)
(OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi, octh, Gyroscope, Waxy, TMC, Turningjapanese, loo, A_Touch_of_Cloth, htm_1968, MrKettle, Naam)

No (2)
(Wayward, unclepuncle, kevin)

Meh! (the rest of the AA collectively)

At present the Meh! vote is clearly in the lead and 9 11 people isn’t viable (particularly as it would give @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi and @Naam 4 goes a year each :scream:) . Any one else who is or isn’t interested?

… or we could just go with the 10 and I could nominate two Judas Priest albums and a 6 hour John Digweed mix on consecutive weeks.


I might have to think carefully about changing my vote to Meh! or NO!!!.


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I can launch some more tumbleweed fodder?


Yes #11