Show us your Baps

Practically none. Bag of crisps now and then but not much more that I can think of.

Given my location, packaged stuff isn’t an issue. Almost all of my meals are made from scratch.

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Mine too. If you really wanted you could probably stockpile crap! Cooking from scratch is just better. I know we will obviously have very different meals but whatever you eat as long as it’s real food it can’t be bad.

I have to admit crisps are my downfall. I keep meaning to make my own.

Yeah, if you get a nice EV olive oil it’s fantastic drizzled on fresh bread.


I tend to make largish batches of a lot of meals so I stockpile homemade food in the freezer.

Done that, been there. Very nice indeed but quite messy and time consuming to make. Maybe I’ll resurrect that at some point.

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Funnily enough the granary bread I make with the Sainsburys multigrain flour has a much denser crumb. It makes fantastic toast but is less satisfying untoasted. The holey, no knead white loaf doesn’t, to me, go so well in the toaster but does lend itself very well to being eaten raw/cold. In fact with oil or just butter & good jam it’s delicious & much of that is down to the texture the crumb gives it. You lose that softness & bounce with toasting. Ordinarily I don’t like white bread that much, particularly dense & doughy white bread but the holey loaf is very enjoyable in its raw state.

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Completely agree. Toasting just turns it into a very crunchy thing.

I love it. It’s next on the bread menu - after I’ve scoffed this one.

And rubbed with tomato puree dash of s&p, Maltese love it that way

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Just took some bread out the oven and got the best oven spring I’ve had yet. Everything the same but I think I had the shelf one rung up. Been turning the oven off for the first 15 minutes when the bread goes in and getting good results.



Olive and black grape


Looks lovely :drooling_face:


I’m sure. Mail order ?

Orange and Cranberry Scones …


I got as far as unsalted butter :grinning:


They make a curiously nice sammich toasted with crispy smoked bacon …