Show us your Baps

Today’s effort - Two bakes - One sourdough called a “pain rustique” then eight basic rolls .


The rolls look very professional.

I ave been inspired by the show us your baps thread and now the new one…
Picked up a Ken chef 901 today ordered the river cottage bread back and aim to have one in the oven before the back end of next week…I will post my first effort soon

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Seeing those white rolls makes me crave a pot of chili :heart_eyes:

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Well done - It’s great fun.

Andrew, any tips or tools that I novice should have or know?

Tools wise I really recommend digital scales - I really helps if weights are correct
I use two: One ( my old tracking force scales)for small stuff such as yeast and salt and a large one for flour and water - I always weigh accurately

Second fav tool is a bread dough scraper.

The biggest problem I had when I started was in the proving stage the dough never seemed to rise - It was a little cold in my house -After reading up I made a diy proving oven a polystyrene box with a small aquarium matt type heater in and used a digital thermometer to get the temp to around 25C this helped. If you have a warm airing cupboard or have a warm house you will not need any tricks for proving.

The best tip I can give is use the internet specially utube to find what others do -There are some great bread making vids to help you learn.

For rolls I use the BBC hairy bikers basic rolls recipe.

Got to say Andy, you are producing some lovely looking bread and rolls.

Many thanks - Today three more pain rustiques in progress -hand kneeded to reduce washing up. I am gravitating toward round loaves - Great size for sarnies and good in the toaster and easy to shape

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I preferred the old thread title :grinning:

First effort, much to learn, not tasted yet mind


We had a supermarket bought granary loaf the other day. It was bloody awful. I don’t find making a couple of loaves once a week a chore so will continue with it. I need to make time to branch out a bit as Andy has. The muffins are a good diversion though.

Tasted good to me

First baking after a week uup North on hols. I spent less time shaping the rolls than normal -It shows but they are still decent enough

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Ad would you be so kind as to pm that pain mystique recipe as every time I see them I salivate

SMAB Follow the link.
It does involve making a poolish the 12 hours before the start. It’s fine to use 0.7g of instant yeast for the poolish
I do this at 9pm for a morning bake
Also does not need a warm place overnight
There is a follow up addition of 2.3g of yeast in the final mix

TThanks ad, I will post my efforts soon

I thought make some mince pies & felt I’d had some nice ones somewhere made with puff pastry. We had a roll of ready made pastry already in so it was fairly easy to cut out the shapes and put them in a tray, put the filling in & slap some tops on. What I hadn’t reckoned on was how much it’d rise. I’ve ended up making mince vol au vents! Taste fine but do look odd. Lesson learned there. :slight_smile:


Some Swedish’ Snowshoes’ flatbread. The honey and onion seed in them is delicious


Another batch of mince pies, this time with proper home made shortcrust pastry.