Silent Angel Munich M1

I have very little idea what’s going on here but it looks like fun.

The magic power supply perturbs me less than the magic switch :face_with_monocle:

Now read a review of this. It appears directly aimed at the Innuos ZenMini. Optional offboard PSU, no wireless, same purpose. The initial review methodology seems odd - ignore the DAC, ignore the UI and use Roon.

But 10/10 for actually going there and saying

it sounded like a veil had been removed


Says it uses VitOS but I didn’t think that had an interface/GUI, if you can only use it with Roon that’s another £140 per year on top.

To me It’s a £1000 for a streamer with no interface.

Ah mobile app called ‘vitos orbiter’

Actually looking at the blurb on VitOS it looks to have come along a lot, dual firmware etc.

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