SIM only with EU Roaming

Does anyone know a company that provides a SIM only deal with EU roaming.
I don’t use a lot of data so 5GB a month should be fine

Do you know which network gives the best coverage, where you use it, the most?

I haven’t relly checked, I went with Sky mobile when I moved here as I had Broadband and TV package from them.

I have trips to France and Portugal coming up and didn’t want to be hit with extra charges.
Although I have loads of piggy banked data so don’t know if that will cover me or if roaming charges will still apply.
My contract is up for renewal

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This was the situation for EU in July - not sure if any more have loaded charges on since

I mean, how much data does sending the phrase “Scroll up” 30 times really use?



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We all use SIM only, and all have free EU roaming: Plusnet, Id and Virgin/O2.

If you look around you should be able to find about 5GB for little over a fiver a month, with no contract.

I should have said free roaming, that Vodaphone deal is £2 per day

What I love about this is that the telcos have started to charge you if you’re on a contract, but not if you’re PAYG or SIM only. So they’re charging their best customers, the ones that are already paying £50-odd a month; the ones that are paying peanuts (but have no long term contract, so can leave easily) are getting the best deal. Epic customer service!

Then the Virgin deal looks good for you.

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Virgin, Asda and Lebara all piggy-back off Vodafone, which generally has good coverage.
Plusnet uses EE while Giffgaff runs on O2. They each have preferred partners in the EU.
I had trouble getting 4G through Plusnet in the Tuscan countryside in May, though it was fine on the Costa Blanca. Local area variations, as we get here.

I think that will be the one,
Thanks for looking Gregg.

I am not going away for long trips on either break I have planned and £2 a day wouldn’t break the bank but I am buggered if I am going to pay for this Brexit sunlit upland surcharge.

I think that Virgin use O2 now, certainly my son’s does. I deliberately choose Plusnet as they use EE.

Overseas they have their preferred providers, and it seemed quite random as to which was the best on my last trip.

I have a “legacy” contract with EE that gives me free roaming.

If I “upgrade” I will lose it. No thanks.

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I had that, but when I got off the phone upgrade roundabout and went SIM only I also moved from EE

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It’s the path to freedom tbh. So pleased I did this.

Still Vodafone on Narelle’s account.

Bruno’s was changed to O2 a couple of months ago or less. I think that there was some kind of merger.