Sinn 140 A - LE Space Chronograph

Seen something else I fancy, and given this is worn rather rarely, I think it’s time for it to find a new home.

This is the rare limited edition with silver subdials and polished and tegimented steel case.

It dates from 2015 and has a Valjoux-based Sinn SZ01 movement (parts readily available), not the increasingly-difficult-to-service 1980s Lemania movement.

It’s 44mm in diameter; 22mm lugs; 100m WR. It will come with original leather strap and signed buckle - both in good condition. It’s compatible with Sinn’s (and other) bracelets, but I’ve never worn it with one. Being a lugless design, it feels and wears smaller than its measurements suggest.

More info here.

There are some very light marks - only visible at certain lighting angles, which I’ve tried to show in the pics, but you need a lens to find them in reality.

I’m looking for [£2,250] £2,150 The last time I saw one on C24 (yes, I know, but where else will you find one?), it was north of £4K! The nearest - non-LE - equivalent is €3,995 before import costs!

For forum regulars, I’ll cover UK mainland RMSD, and collection/meet-up is very-much fine if you’re a sane distance from PE11.

The pictures really don’t do it justice, but here they are anyway…

Wears well on a NATO, too -


Sinn can fetch them out when it eventually goes for servicing.


Bloody Islandist :roll_eyes:


Reduction to £2150.