Site Seo Help?

Is anyone here running a personal or professional hifi or music related blog / website / Spam farm?

I’ve had a couple of sites done and have been instructed to get ‘backlinks’. Unsurprisingly I’ve no idea what I’m doing.

Any tips, assistance welcome - Records await.

I mean I get daily emails from kind people offering to help with the SEO on here. I’m not sure they’ve really understood the place tbh


The amount of people touting for SEO ‘services’ is astounding. Even googling SEO has led to barrage Trumpian pitches promising the moon on a stick.
After limited research it felt like I’d been to a cable convention. I did enjoy learning about black hat techniques and dark web hackers, Perhaps AA could benefit from their services? The idea of the Abattoir popping up on all Feng Sui / Vegan / Mumsnet type sites has it’s childish appeal.