Sky broadband

Is it any good? Reviews seem mixed. I’m currently on Virgin but want to move everything to one supplier as I’m happy with Sky tv.

I moved to Sky at the beginning of the year. No problems so far and get the advertised speed (76Mb/s). Got TV/internet/phone for £40/month by threatening to leave (I had TV before)

Did you get a Sky Q box with that Pete? Not that I need one but just interested.

I thought about it, but decided it wasn’t worth it to me. The deals for new customers are better. You might be able to negotiate anything. Just phone up and say you want to cancel your TV as you’ve signed up with a package with BT and they will bend over backwards to retain you.

Basically when they brought fibre to the village I decided to go with BT (with TV) as they were doing good introductory deals. Went to cancel Sky and they gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

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^^ This.

I was paying £192 per month for a big Sky TV package, Virgin XXL broadband/phone and BT Sport.

I received a call from Virgin recently saying they’d give me all of the above (incl upgrading broadband to XXXL)

for £86 pm !! It was a no brainer! (which is just as well :stuck_out_tongue:)

ooooh, also, TV picture quality is far better via Virgin - I was very surprised!

Cable isn’t as limited to bandwidth.
Sky have to compress most channels. Outside Hd it’s horrific.