SKY stream

Is anyone using the sky stream device yet, I’m thinking of switching from the dish to streaming as it’s a bloody nightmare in heavy rain?

Although the change to charging to skip adverts now is a bit of a twatty move :frowning: interested in how reliable or stable it is?

Both my sister and mother have a Sky Glass, and it’s perfectly stable.

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Until the Internet goes down.
I had an outage for 3 weeks recently and don’t have a regular TV ariel.

Not really a problem, I have 3x internet connections (2x are active at the same time) :slight_smile:

I forgot about Art Hub :grinning:

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Yes. Got it about 3 weeks ago.

Tip top. No issues to report.

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And the handset illuminates when you touch it.

Mobiles phones are your friend. Welcome to last decade.

Depends on your contract
Tethering cost a fortune in data

Most contracts include substantial data allowances these days so it really shouldn’t these days unless you’re a complete Luddite :grinning:

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Mine is SIM only with 10GB a month which is 3 times my normal usage.
Doesn’t go far watching TV :grinning:

We got ours early December and other than a faulty remote it’s been good.
There was a batch of dodgy remotes, there’s load of posts about it on the Sky forum.



Get a free Giff Gaff sim for back up and keep it in a drawer. You can buy 100G PAYG data for £20 should you ever need it. Stick it n an old phone and you have your own 4G wifi router.


Good call
Have ordered my Giff Gaff SIM :+1:

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Glad to have been of some use, for once :slight_smile:


Some of them will roll your data over.

The backup SIM I have for the modem is a Sky one and have rolled over around 150 GB so far

I had that with Sky but fucked them off because of EU roaming charges.
Took a new contract out with Virgin with same deal but had the outage before I had accumulated much data

I’ve got two lines on two different DSLAMs but if some cunt cuts the dropwire to my house I’m on mobile data. I’m pretty rural so don’t get the option of different feeds to my house.