Slate blocks

Long and semi interesting story to these, many years ago I helped a friend pick up some tannoy fem from a guy in (I think)chesterfield, he was a very fancy stonemason and had an incredible house, he made stone guitars to line the bottom of rock star pools and other very fancy lifestyle stuff,

Anyhoo, the rams were a massive washing machine but taller speaker and benefitted from some weight on top so he made these nice slate plinths as caps that add about 75kgs of weight (guess but two man lift)

Can’t recall wha5bhappened next but I ended up with one of the caps, then chanced upon the other one and did a swap for something for it, bingo I had a pair and they looked fab under my air tight 22 watt 211 monos,

Sadly I stupidly sold the air tights but I still have the plinths

They would make excellent speaker or amp stands but have been in the garage a while so might be some polishing required to clean up

Value is hard, if you wanted to commission a pair I guess £1000, add in the artist made thing maybe a bit more. Bu they are in the way and happy to let them go to a good home for a swap or sensible sum

Will try and pop a photo up asap and dimensions

Any interest?