Slaughterhouse taxi, Nottingham to NW. Big bit of kit

As above, there’s a big saw on ebay, collection only…


Sorry, should have said, willing to meet half way-ish, Brum, Staffordshire-ish.

Overpriced service station burger, KFC, Subway on me, obviously.

Lol! I mixed up Nottingham with Northampton, was fixated on Silverstone for some reason!

So forget the Brum thing…:blush:

Staffs, Peak District though?

Sorry…I’m confused now, just what the actual fuck do you want picked up and from where? :slight_smile:

A Makita mitre saw, from Nottingham, and moving onwards towards Wigan. I’m prepared to meet along the way and provide food.

Alles klar?

Tres klar.

Sehr bien.:grinning:

Bump, anyone?

If you can get it up to Newcastle, I can get it to Edinburgh.

Perhaps one of the Scottish contingent could then get it to Carlisle-ish?

Never mind, he’s ended the auction because “the item is lost or broken”…