Small form sub recommendation

A mate is looking for a sub, small as possible, for his small listening room. Is there such a thing?
He will be using it with the AA fav Heco Celans.
Thanks (while waiting for inevitable pictures of 1 or 2 man submersibles)

Only one I know anything about is the REL QUAKE, it’s diddy.

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If it’s small. It’s not a sub.

Depends on your definition of small too I suppose. I consider the BK elec monolith that I use two of small. :smiley:



Velodyne Minivee is small! Depends on what he wants in performance terms and how much he’s willing to pay etc.

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I’ve got an REL Quake in my bedroom system, filling in the bottom end of Royd Sintras. Undoubtedly it doesn’t plumb the ultimate depths, but it adds an amazing amount of bottom end to the Sintras, and it’s certainly not large. I expect the small RELs are mostly pretty decent, along with the similar BK and MJ units:

REL Q200s etc can be picked up for peanuts are are pretty much the same as a BK XLS200.

Thanks all for the recommendations. I’ll pass them on and let him do the choosing.

Subs don’t make things more musical though. Has he considered an Io Gold?

He’s a reggae and soul fiend. Bass is a thing he wants.

Have cnc, can help.


Then it’s a big sub not a small sub that he wants.

And not the TZero. -6dB at 38Hz…

What cables is he using?

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Q Acoustics QB12 £429 12” woofer.

Yamaha Ns-sw 050. £125. Richer Sounds

Elac Debut S10.2 FR: 35Hz - 150. £199

Good recs some of those, contemplating trying a small(ish) sub myself with kitchen system KEF LS50’s - if it’s shite/adds fuck all I’ll sell it on.