Small lightweight headphones for travelling

I have a little pair of folding Sennheiser PX00 that are falling apart.

I thought I had a spare pair of AKGs, but these appear to have been given to my SiL.

It looks like the Senns have been superceded by this kind of thing:

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Any other suggestions around the £30-£40 mark please?

Thanks for all the replies - they’ve been really helpful so far.

In the end I bought some fake replacement earpads from eBay and this kept me going for a couple of years.

Then the headband fell apart.

I was going to buy the Senns above, but I really only use these for teleconferences* etc. so I was reluctant to spend very much money at all.

I ended up buying these

which are about as shit as you’d expect for £15, but do the job just fine.

* I can still hear myself talk, which I can’t when I have bigger cans on, and not being able to hear yourself talk is a major problem for a stammerer

As someone who is also prone to stammering I find the opposite to be true!

:man_shrugging: maybe it’s something more complex than that, feedback loops etc.?

However, empirically I know that I really struggle on the phone (I fucking hate people who are desperate to drag email conversations onto the phone, usually so they can berate me until I do what they want), and I’m very uncomfortable using “proper” hi-fi headphones with MS Teams etc., but shitty flimsy things that leak all over the place are just fine.

In my case if I catch even a slight echo of my dreary stupid sounding Brummie monotone then it is likely to potentially trigger an episode. I’ve learned over the years to avoid certain vowel combinations that I struggle with and also to anticipate and manage it by inserting pauses etc which help me to mentally go through a sequence I use to hop over the impending ‘obstacle’.

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From the “it takes one to know one” school of thought, I usually have to suppress a little smile when you can hear someone else in the room doing exactly that and you know there will be very few people present who will have even noticed it or know why.

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Oh, it’s soooo tempting but too obvious :smirk:

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Never usually stops you :wink:

I did rather throw the ball up…