Smaller Amps

I have been thinking of downsizing my amp, the beast that is the Denon PMA-2500NE.
Its excellent, and I can’t fault it other than the sheer size.
Its vastly over specified than I need, but sounds great with my Supravox 165-2000 full-range drivers but at ~97dB they really only need a handfull of watts.

I have the little Decware Zen but I actually prefer the Denon, just would like something smaller.

The only real needs are minium 2-inputs (for TT and CDP) and happy with 4Ohm speakers.
Not fussed between valve or SS although not been the bigest fan Class-D but I have had good experience with Tripath/T-Amps previously.

I’m less keen on another SET amp just as the Supravox drivers have quite a high Qts so I need the low output impedance to keep the bass under control.

I really love the look of the Quad QC Twenty Four preamp, and like the smaller size so would not be adverse to a Pre-Power, such as the Eastern Electric Minimax combo.

Any thoughts on lower-ish powered amplifiers that would be happy with 4Ohm high sensitivity speakers, budget would say be up to £1.5k.

Any of the versions of the Clones Audio 25 worth a look if you can find one.

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I had seen those, although don’t know much about the brand/model. Looks pretty much ideal though!
Have you had one?

First watt sommit or other.

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I have had all 3 versions (25i, 25ir and 25irh).
Lovely build quality and cute as a button, and excellent sound.

Thanks, they look pretty much ideal!

Take a look at the Job INTegrated amp Rbb.

There’s one FS on The Wam or AoS I think

I’ve got a nice compact rega pre power combo :wink:

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Firebottle will make you some nice hybrid amps which are shoe box size for 1100 quid . Rather good they are , he knows his stuff . Pair it with a small saga pre amp at 350 new and its under budget

I would build a Pass clone, whichever you fancy, for £500, and spend the majority on a decent valve preamp.


How about keeping things French with
Jean Hiraga’s Le Monstre 8W Class A Amplifier


Had one - not bad but a bit lean and sterile and not nearly as nice as the Clones imo.

Sugden A21SE, worked really well with my tune audio primes.

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You need a nice PMAC Ultra-SIT

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