Smart Blu-ray player

I currently have a hateful toshiba Blu-ray player, a nice Roku media player (Plex, Netflix, nowtv and Spotify) and my old Teac T1 cd transport. Part of me would like to replace the lot with one box - a 4K Blu-ray of some description.

It’ll feed the amp via hdmi for everything so has anyone on here done that and what player was it? Wired networking is fine.

4k players are differently objectionable depending on the company that makes them but the Panasonic ones are considered the least objectionable by people I’ve spoken to that use them. No idea if they do Plex though.

Are they even slower than Blu-ray then?

Not really- and the number of problem discs has reduced too. They’re just… clunky. Before I binned off testing AV, I was trialing a Panasonic and an Oppo as test source. Compared to the ‘WebOS’ interface on my OLED, they just felt like beta versions and a bit of a lashup. Given the low volumes they’re sold in, there’s no impetus to make a really good one.

Xbox one x then?

No idea I’m afraid- the only X-Box I’ve owned is the original. It is highly likely that the consoles have a better evolved OS than the standalone players though.

I like my Panasonic 4K Blu-ray. It’s much quicker than the old Oppo 95, and the upscaling of DVD is miles better. No Spotify though, and the built-in browser also doesn’t support it. No Plex either (and I’ve never heard of it!)