Smart Car Battery Chargers

I’m thinking about getting one of these but before I pull the trigger does anyone have any advice, words of caution or better suggestions?

Get a CTEK.

Pretty much universally recommended.

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Thanks. It’s a fair bit dearer. Is it worth the extra?

Also Halfords specify theirs is compatible with Stop/Start batteries. I note the CTEK one says it is compatible with many different types of vehicle batteries but does not specify Stop/Start. Is this a real issue?

AGM (for absorbent glass mat batteries) mode on the CTEK is for cars with Stop/start (with AGM batteries).

FWIW I do have and use a CTEK.


Only 4amp max charging, so not very quick

I was thinking of buying it because lately I’ve only been doing short local trips and so the Stop/Start feature on my car gives up the ghost.

I figured, probably wrongly, that I don’t need a really quick charge. I note the CTEK that coco recommended is 5 amp but that they offer a 7 amp version for £100. It’s more than I really want to spend but I could be persuaded. What sort of ampage should I be looking for?

I have the 5A version, I just stick it on overnight/over the weekend. There’s nice cigarette lighter attachment available which lets you charge via that (assuming it’s permanently live)

That would be handy for me as I’d have to pass an extension cable out of the flat window to the charger. Forgive my ignorance but how on earth does that work? Surely the lighter takes its power from the very battery one is trying to charge?

The lighter is high current and therefore often just connected to the battery - so it just acts as a convenient terminal to plug into.

If it’s switched with the ignition, then it’s a bit trickier, but I think that’s relatively rare.

Is the cable.

Dunno about the Ring, but the CTEK is properly waterproof, so you can just leave it outside. (EDIT: The Ring looks like it is IP65 sealed)

:grin: So it’s official - I am an idiot. I thought the lighter adapter meant that I didn’t need to connect the charger to the mains.

Now, if I understand correctly, the lighter adapter simply means you don’t need to clip the charger onto the battery you just plug it into the lighter.

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Maybe buy a bike :+1:


:grin: It rains in Glasgow all day every day all year round. You need a car.

Couldn’t you just use the cigarette lighter output to charge the battery? Just be a cable between the two.


I should get one of those - only using the Pork once a week ATM