Smart Home shenanigans


That’s how it is without electricity.


Fancy taking a chance on sticking your fingers in our distribution board?


I have a NEST controller because it is easy to use. Other than that, heating on when SWMBO demands it and otherwise off.

If I kitted out the house with a full on control system I suspect I would have to live there for a frickin millennium for pay back to happen. Just a richer person’s play thing.


I desperately want a full house system, with individual controls on each radiator, that would rock. Instead I have a single thermostat that keeps the entire house at the perfect temperature. It’s really annoying.


our system is so ancient it is simple on/off system.

House is a well insulated terrace, we pretty much only need to use the heating between Nov and March. Even then it is only about 3 to 4 hours a day


That’s what we had Simon. Only the bathroom project prompted the boiler change and as we previously didn’t have any kind of thermostat I thought I’d treat myself to a gadget.


Since installing HIVE I’ve saved £2500 in one year


Have you been selling the honey? :thinking:


The heating is bust


My gas and electricity combined is well under that!


We pay £83 per month DD for combined gas and leccy.

We usually get back about £750 a year for solar generated leccy.

So solar generation nearly covers all energy costs.


@BobC or anyone else with one, would you mind posting what firmware version your Nest thermostat is on (from settings section)?

It looks like mine is one version behind, but it’s supposed to auto-update.


I’ll have a look this evening for you.


If i have looked uo the right bit of info under settngs i have



software 2.1.2-1

Amber 2.5

last updarte 18 July 2018.

Is that the info you wanted?


Thermostat software version, please. Probably 5.x.x something.




Cheers Bob



you not on version 6,0,0,0 yet?


You should sign up for the beta programme, I have Alexa on mine.