Smart Home shenanigans


You should sign up for the beta programme, I have Alexa on mine.


Is there a link for the UK beta programme?


I thought you’d be the one to spot the unlikelihood of getting Alexa on a Google gadget :yum:


LOL, that’s a pretty niche troll given the amount of interoperability that exists with these things.

Anyhow, fuck off :smiley: :smiley:


Have taken delivery of a google home mini and a Sonus Play1.

The plus with Sonus is the ability to talk to both google home and Alexa. Google for research in teaching. and learning. Plus YT music, gaming etc.

Amazon for shopping. Prime members have a sale soon. Plus movies and marketing.

The Sonus is so good I thinking of the mid-July Sonus Boom hits the market. I’ll be using it as a sound bar for a Philips Ambilight T.V