Smart meters?


Probably next year


You have the right to refuse a smart meter.

Even if the energy company want to install a new meter because of safety reasons you can request a ‘dumb’ meter, or a smart meter can be set to dumb with all comms switched off.


I think Phil is quoting someone else’s response on another forum. Phil isn’t a spark.


I find that “fuck off” is straight to the point and leaves no doubt.


Indeed, my Dad got one and still got ‘estimated’ bills.

Apparently, even the guy who installed it said it wouldn’t work and he was proved right. Being an 83 year old, cantankerous, grumpy, old man, Dad phoned and told them to put the old meter back, immediately.

They complied :rofl:


This. I saw the post on the other forum and that post was made by someone who was in the meter business. That was the point at which I decided not to have one until a) they were transportable between energy suppliers and b) I could be sure how accurate they were. There have been reports of them not reading right, and guess which way the error goes.



There are (very) small scale pilots being run now, but the SMETS2 meters won’t be rolled out in any numbers until the new year. Then it will depend when they get round to you.


My Dad did exactly the same


Tell them to fuck off, you don’t have to have one.


I had one fitted earlier this year by British Gas, I recently changed suppliers and now the indoor monitor doesn’t work.


yes I have done. It is easy for me to tell them to fuck off and just bin their aggressive letters, but I worry for the elderly and vulnerable - EON are cunts


They are German, what the fuck do you expect?


I don’t use any of those bigger utilities suppliers any more. Always too expensive. For the last few years I’ve had very good value dual fuel deals from extra energy with no issues and have recently switched to Avro Energy as their offer was even better. But no insistence on smart meters from either company. Shop around & don’t be loyal.


We move to eon 2 months ago (cheap 12 month deal). No mention of smart meters being a requirement. Just declined the offer when asked, heard nothing more on the subject since.


Why do I want a second gen one? They will put loads of people out of work, I have to pay for them one way or another and my bills won’t get cheaper as the energy company will grab the savings. What’s the up side?


Same, been with Eon a year and not a peep about smart meters.


If they work, stops you have dodgy blokes crawling around your private spaces trying to red a mater.

We’ve been with EON about 5 years, and have had one letter per week for the past three weeks about smart meters. The wording of the letters makes it look like it is mandatory to have a smart meter.

Before that eon sent us an annual statement everyday for about 6 weeks… took about 10 phone calls until they believed me.


Fuck them off and swap.


That’s your mistake right there


Could be worse, could be NPower.