Smart meters?


Yup, given our experience of NPower it’s hard to imagine how any organisation can remain in business while being that incompetent.



Or SSE :triumph:


Yep. Spectacularly awful.


They will all be nationalised soon, with your smart meters reporting direct to the Ministry of Supply.


thanks , yes i am most certianly not a gas meter installer or electric . i was quoting someone else


E-on have been consistently the cheapest for me, the prices have gone up though as it was around £30 per month for gas & electric when I moved in but is now around £60 per month.

(I am running a fucking great big vmware lab on some electron sucking monster servers now though)


i have been trying for 2 months to get scottish power to change an old economy seven meter with 2 readings . so far they have failed to turn up to 2 appointments . on the plus side its easy to get through to them [ have you ever tried the 5 layers of options at british gas ?] and they are delightfully friendly and polite even if incompetant !!!


After the previously mentioned Smart meter comedy call with EDF and British Gas sticking me with a large price increase I moved everything to a firm called Iresa.
Substantially cheaper, no mention of smart meters and so far everything is fine. But nothing has gone wrong yet.


Did you find them via a comparison site as all I’ve been using is Uswitch to compare prices to the plan E-on offer me?


iirc I saw an advert for Octopus on TV and googled them, got a quote which wasn’t competitive but somewhere along that search line I found Iresa and i think i got a quote direct from them.


Just got a quote and they are only £4 per month cheaper so can’t be bothered switching, thanks anyway.


Another one to check is if you are feeling all socially responsible.


I use Iresa too.


well scottish power have been nagging me to death , umpteen phone calls , emails , texts …oh my gosh . anyway on the tenth attempt i gave in and booked an appointment with providor

so they sent a questionaire which i filled in and they had a query so i rang them back and answered it. so today i get a phonecall to say becuase i had not been in touch they cancelled the appointment !!!

these are the same folks i waited in 2 days for before with no call to house . what a bunch of idiots


You are clearly being trolled by scotch power. Perhaps you should switch providers.


yes indeed , its a bit of a hassle and although they are a pain i was very impressed when i tried to ring and contact them . i got through only i layer of options and staight through and if you have ever tried ringing british gas on the 5th or 6th layer of options you love the will to live !!!


is anyone installing SMETS2 meters yet?


Doesn’t matter how easy it is to get through if you don’t get what you want.


Fuck no, why the fuck would you?


When all those electric cars are being charged and the anti nuclear lobby have caused rolling blackouts via those smart meters because there isn’t enough capacity I’ll be glad of my dumb meter.
I’d say an electricity providers ability to turn off your power by pressing a virtual button in ‘the cloud’ would put a big dent in your listening pleasure.
Now where did I put my tin foil fedora I can feel the gumbmint tryin ta control ma brain again.