Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium




thank you

ooh some double monk


More like Harry monk


More like double wank.


I’ve never seen a monk style show that didn’t look hideous


hmmm even when they are singing and playing flutes?






You appear to have swapped shoes with this fella - and he got the better deal.


I think to avoid any shoe envy at the upcoming Lopwell and Yorkshire bakeoffs,all members should wear pointy shoes


Keep up.
I posted those yesterday


I was just thanking you for your good taste - clearly you are learning…


Samuel Windsors for my everyday work shoes. £45 for full leather Goodyear welted Oxfords. Get 85% of the quality at a tenth of the price compared to my Crockets or Church’s. Billy bloody bargain.


Really? I think you are getting exactly what you pay for with companies like Samuel Windsor.


Yep, I’ve run three pairs for a couple of years now, no problems at all. The quality is great, looks like customer service can be a tad iffy, but without knowing the total customer count it’s not really possible to draw any conclusions.

For £45, the shoes themselves are great.


I have a very nice pair of single monks from Cheaney, I have actually received a number of compliments about them which is a first for me!