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I was considering splashing out on a pair of smart shoes but nothing from the usual suspects of Church’s or Crockett & Jones really appeals - a lot of their stuff looks pretty similar and not all that different to say, Russell and Bromley.

I’m not looking for anything crazily different - but do like what people like John Lobb or Yohei Fukuda do - more conventional styles but with a slight twist*. Alas their shoes are prohibitively expensive (and in the case of the latter, only available in Japan I think).

Does anyone have any ideas for other good shoe makes, that are a bit different, and not a grand a pair +? I guess my budget is about £400-500 max.

*e.g. JL’s Jermyn III:


I like Oliver Sweeney, but @Wayward will dispense the correct advice.


Jeffrey West?


Most of the big fashion houses sub contract to the usual northants factories. Sanders make RL etc.

You need to find a last that suits your foot and then stick with it?
I have loads of Trickers but they are an acquired taste and they come up big in the country styles.

Depends on what sort of shoes you want! The list is endless. You need to remember that the big ticket makers don’t do shoes that look very different, they just do shoes that use far better leather and last for re soles.
I have a 250 quid pair of Mark Mcnairy (sanders) and they look like my 390 quid Trickers. The leather is no where near on a par and the construction is not comparable.
No one would know to look.


Spot on suggestion


Are Greens out of price range too? i like their split toe Derbys, one day I might treat myself.

Grenson, Cheaney and a few others up the Nene valley.


Not sure I can add much to those already mentioned. Gaziano And Girling are doing something a little different but aren’t cheap.



Gino Rossi, Deckard and S’Baker.


George at Asda



Yes, clogs are what the well dressed man is turning to



Sandal socks



Search no more -



Well, it took an hour and a half, but we seem to have got there in the end :+1:


Visit ‘The Rake’ online.


strange I was about to start a similar thread earlier today. Am about to make a trip to try some Cheaney and some Jeffrey West for tan Brogues

Edward Green look really nice, but I have been vetoed on price…


John Lobb has a factory store which might put them in budget.


I don’t have much to add, but IMO even if they look similar, they aren’t. Quality of materials and construction are a world apart, as is the durability.

Normally I always buy C&J, but last week I ended up with these

from Trickers. Yes, they’re basically posh DMs.


I really like Trickers.



Trickers Burford

I happen to have a pair of those in the same Espresso colour in both a dainite and a double leather sole.
I don’t need both so the leather will go up for sale. Not worn either yet :flushed:

I have the same colour in the Stow boot as well. Size 8 on the 4497 last. I find it a much better fit than the 4444


I am really liking these but I suspect they’ll be narrow for my lardy feet