Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium


Surely that is a womans shoe?


I’d have thought they would be just the thing for the reprise of your role as Widow Twanky at the Redcar Royal Court this Christmas



Was emailed this from a friend, We’re having some floorboards replaced in our 1867 Round Hill home & have made an interesting find under a wall in the foundations. A “cache” of 4 shoes, apparently put there to protect the occupants from witches. A child’s boot, a woman’s button-front boot & 2 other shoes.


just brilliant - get them framed and hung on the wall. All I ever found under my floorboards were very old and discarded empty cigarette packets.


During renovations, a neighbour found a pair of baby shoes behind a skirting board. Apparently, put there when the child had died as a memorial.
They were returned to their hiding place before the new skirting boards were put in.


my parents found a pair behind the skirting in the Victorian house I was brought up in - they were told that they were put there for good luck, following the survival of the baby reaching the age when they needed a second pair.


This is quite interesting.


There’s all manner of charms, spells & other assorted items that have been recovered from buildings that were either being renovated or demolished on display at the Boscastle museum of Witchcraft.

A great place to visit & some downright weird stuff there. A good section on 20th Century Occult activity too, Aleister Crowley etc.


Shame they didn’t cast a spell to stop it being destroyed in the flood a couple of years back :slightly_smiling_face:


Some lucky house owner will find a single by Hanson behind a wall one day in Plymouth


They did actually lose about half of their exhibits & have gradually managed to accumulate other items since.


We went there many years back. The two-headed baby in a bottle was particularly gruesome :grimacing::grimacing:


get them to a “vintage” shop in Brighton, get a bloody fortune for them :slight_smile:



Along with Jeremy Paxman, about the most famous alumnus of my old school.

Yeeeees :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Magick :+1:


couldn’t deprive you, so I share my lilac Crocs.

they do need s bit of a clean

ooh double delight, I see my purple suade Trickers Robert in the background


Why’s it got a Ham stuffed into it?


I’ve never seen Orange ham. You are looking a my permanently swollen and damaged ankles.