Smart Watch Toot sale

As a long awaited antidote to the analogue boredom, pep up you wrist with some used multi functional smart watch bling

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

About 2 years old. Some signs of wear and tear, bezel is light marked and not as “clicky” as when new. Runs the latest Samsung software, works best with a modern Android Samsung smartphone (dunno about Apple). Battery lasts about a day. It is reliable but showing some signs of wear. It is similar to a 46mm watch.

Has been cleaned and factory reset, has a clean rubber strap, used leather strap and 2 charging cradles. Not sure if I have the original box. Xmas present forces sale.

£120 inc UK P&P and I’ll give 15% to AA

Fitbit Charge 2

6 months old, works with Android phone. Louise has been using it with a Galaxy S9. Holds charge well, needs charging every 4 days. The notifications via Bluetooth from phone to watch are not 100% reliable but that appears to be a feature of the Fitbit Charge 2. Condition is used but excellent (I cant see any marks). Great for girly wrists.

£25 inc UK P&P and I’ll give 15% to AA

Fitbit STP elsewhere

Fitbit sold

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier still available