Snack of the day

Today’s snack is mixed nuts dipped into chilli hummus whilst watching L’fools against Swamsea.


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Hot toasted rye bread with lashings of butter and marmite.

A recommendation and warning at the same time.
A marvellous machine, makes us fry very regularly snacks…

(Fast, little or no fat, hardly any odours…)

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for you, or for the cats?

Second bowl of frosties


us, the cats don’t get such luxuries

I do love a fried silk worm :+1:t3:

This isn’t healthy, isn’t big and isn’t clever, just absolutely lovely and feckin’ crack addictive.

I was bored, I was hungry, didn’t want to spend any time and was in need of a quick junk fix.

So, I created - Smoky Bacon Crisps and Dry Roast Peanuts, sprinkled with Chilli Flakes, smothered with decent grated mature cheese and nuked in the microwave for 40 seconds.

Fuckin’ nectar.

2 large plates down and now looking for my next crisps flavour / spice combination to try.

Don’t do it !

Dis post is nuffin wivout a

I would, but, dem’s all gone.

Next plate :+1:

this might help, too

:+1: It is :grinning:

Or even a …

Whoah, the Picts thing is a bit beyond me.

Pict Chair. Tenuous I’ll grant you.

As I said, too clever for me. Pitcher (both) is my limit.

How about




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