"So-and-so is replying"

I like this new (?) feature, however some folks take a hell of a long time to reply. What are you doing? Going off and making a nice cup of tea?

It’s a bit like Skype IM at work, you ask someone a question and then for 15 minutes it says “twat face is typing” before they reply saying “don’t know”

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New-ish. They started with it where you could see who was replying if you were in the reply box as well.

Now they’ve moved it to the bottom of the thread so you can see it regardless.

Ritchie takes bloody ages to type.

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I’ve started opening the Reply box before going off to make a cuppa :drum:

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Obvious ftfy.

:+1: fixt to allow for the effects of cloudy home brew. :beers:

Three versions of a post > realise lack of humour therein > delete > repeat.

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Too much think. The MWS method: Mind spasm > Publish > Shame