Sods Law

My fucking boiler has just broke and I’ve been told I need a new one. It’s a Baxi WM 51, nearly 35 years old and the heat exchanger is completely furred up and won’t last long. (Diagnosed by a retired plumber I trust who won’t be doing the job). He’s managed to get it working but say’s it won’t last long.

So I’m looking to get a new heat only boiler. Any suggestions?

But as to Sods Law - why do boilers only fail when it’s cold or I need a shower?

And why do light bulbs only go wrong when it’s dark?

Things don’t break if you don’t use them shock


Unless they’re those disingenuously-named “rechargeable batteries”…

… or vintage electrolytic capacitors. Or late-production M-OV KT66s.

There will be a plumber along in a minute. He says Siemens a lot.



Worcester RI.

Close the thread.

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Good luck, our Worcester boiler (5 yrs old now) is shit, broken down once a winter for the last 2 years.
Last year it pissed out water and would have brought the ceiling down had we not been in to isolate it. I’m waiting to see what will go wrong this year.

Whereas our Worcester combi has been so reliable over the last 7 years (I might have had to switch it off and on again a couple of times in that time) that I’m prepared to come on here and say so. As the temperature outside starts to plummet.

Good heavens.

What have I done ?


Apart from Worcester, are Vaillant any good?


Trolling bastard :slight_smile:

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Grumpy. Just because your van wouldn’t start this morning…:grinning:

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…and I’m riddled with indigestion after nailing all 6 of those ruddy mince pies.


Pie ingestion takes practice, an athlete like you needs to build up to serious intake.




They have just this week closed the Aga factory a couple of miles away in Coalbrookdale. A few good mates laid off.

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I’ve fitted a couple of these boilers this month and have been really impressed with them.

The heat exchanger is flow welded or summat and essentially means no seams. If fitted with a Worcester filter they will warranty the heat-ex for ten years. You will get 6 years on the boiler.

You will always get someone saying they are shit and have had issues, but generally speaking, they are extremely robust and reliable.

From my perspective, until a good reason to do otherwise materialises, every heat only I will fit will be an RI.


I’ve been looking at them on Internet and they certainly look good. We have extremely hard water here so the filter option looks sensible - assume tat is what it does?

Waiting for a call from my local plumber to discuss (son of previously mentioned retired plumber) who I have been warned will want to fit a Baxi.

Thx for the pointer, I trust the Bosch name tbh.

Dare I ask re Viessman?

In my experience excellent boilers but the spares are excrutiatingly expensive.

Viesmann have stainless steel heat exchangers with a ten year guarantee iirc…

So do Baxi.