SOLD - Air Tight ATM-1

For sale, Air Tight ATM-1 power amplifier.

– 4 x EL34 in push-pull giving 36 wpc into 8 ohms
– 2 inputs with input attenuators for easy pre-amp matching, or could be used as a 2-input integrated
– immaculate condition
– comes with six spare power valves including a matched quad of JJ Tesla E34L, 2 ECC 82 input valves and one 12AX7 phase splitter
– high-quality Tamura output transformers

This is a lovely amp, sweet and clean-sounding. The ATM-1 is reckoned to be one of the best Air Tight amps in terms of sound. Drives big Tannoys superbly.

This is heavy, fragile and there’s no box, so COLLECTION ONLY from High Wycombe or Coventry. Wigan area (Hindley Green) may also be possible but might take a little longer.

Looking for £2200


Nice, nice amp.

I’ve got one of these and it’s a nice performer the transformers are excellent and as mentioned they drive Tannoys very well. This price is low BTW if this is a 230v version

:heart_eyes: Dammit, would love that but timings against me.

Lovely amp, GLWTS,

It is a 220V unit and priced to sell! :grin: Always been used on UK mains with no problems.

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Back for sale … :rage:

Nooooo! Somebody buy it FFS :tired_face:

Can it play records?

Yes, just attach a turntable and a phono stage.

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My first decent valve amp this one, lovely thing and started a trip through the airtight range that ended with the 211 before I went high power

They don’t really make a bad amp and this one has decent power so looks and sounds fab


Is this still for sale?

It is! A few timewasters and people who wanted it shipped thousands of mile, but still here. :confused:

Bump - still for sale after another near-miss. Make me an offer!

Bump - got a quote for specialist packing and posting, so now £2100 delivered to UK

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