In excellent condition with very little use. Its been sitting in the draw for a couple of years, makes no sense to store it any longer.
They’re £450 new and seem to sell on ebay for £200+ used, one sold in Jan for £240.
I’ve somehow managed to lose the small carrier bracket to secure it in the case and the fitting accessories. But I will carefully pack for shipping.

So how about £175 delivered?

Yes please G

Sorry, mate. Cancel that, I don’t have an MC phono stage :woozy_face:

Numb nuts :smiley:


Guilty as charged :smile:

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It’s just as well. He’d only get it caught on his pullover, then smash it with a hammer :anchor:

:woozy_face: I don’t wear pullovers, I’m a rufty tufty builder :ok_hand:

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