SOLD: Audio Innovations MM/MC Phono stage

This is a bit of a strange one. I bought this from a dealer a few years back. The dealer had it listed as a P2 but the internals show that it clearly isn’t. Anyway it sounded so good I decided to keep it as I was more than happy with the way it sounded and struggled to think what might better it at the price.

Now that I am down to one turntable there seems little point me keeping it so it’s up for sale

I’m asking £325 delivered.

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It looks like a Series 200 pre that has had the switching taken out to run just as a phono stage.

Yes this is what I suspect.

Worth pointing out that it has switchable MC & MM with the MC stage being active.

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£300 delivered anyone? Sounds great for this sort of money.

still available

Anybody got any idea how this rate against my Remton stage ?

There are no settings on this Mike whereas you have loads of options on the Remton. I owned your Remton for a short while. It should be better but this has sounded really good with a variety of carts. Its very much plug and play.

Do you know what the gain is Nick ? The Remton is superb but the gain of 53dB mm and 79dB mc is limiting useful volume control on my pre.

I have no idea :roll_eyes:

No worries Nick. Any ideas chaps ?


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I knew I could rely on you guys. Gives me such a fuzzy feeling.

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