SOLD .Audio Note IO1

I’ve had this about 12 years. It only really got used for the first 2 years, unused for the last 3. Only cleaned with a Onzow zerodust, no damage. Pins need a wipe with a silver polishing cloth. £1000 posted in the UK


Still for sale, please don’t make me keep it, that complicates my life.

Thought this would fly off the shelf on here.:thinking:

Me too, I guess a lot of people don’t know me and are wary.

I’d love to try one at home, but phono stage faff a step (up) too far. I suspect that’s part reason its still here.

I think quite a lot are already in the club as well.

Yea, not sure that the built in phono of my PMA-850 would do it justice :smiley:

I have an Audionote Jap S9 step up that I don’t use but it isn’t for sale.


Just do it!

Some people are all heart.

If I had a new to me IO1, I would very seriously consider not buying this :thinking:


If it was F/S I couldn’t afford the required Jammy Dodgers to purchase, we’re still dealing with Oaties from Lidl :crazy_face::rofl:


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Im considering selling my Dave Slagle Cu SUT that would be a perfect fit with this if anyone is put off by the SUT issue.

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Perfect match!

How much?


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