Sold: Auralic Aries G1 Streamer


With my TT2 pending a sale, I’ll be moving on the auralic Aries also.

It’s been a superbly flexible bit of kit, allowing me to use ROON, AirPlay, Bluetooth and a CDROM to play discs directly.

Huge output flexibility, with USB / AES / coax and optical it’ll run into pretty much any dac in existence.

Nice colour screen, and the ability to be programmed to work with any remote control. This meant I could use my Luxman remote to control track skip and play / pause.

You can also use the Aries as a CD ripper, and can rip to a network location, like a NAS. This same functionality lets you use a basic CD rom as a cd transport for playback.

A great bit of kit, and only selling as I’ll be using another auralic with the same feature set [image]

Looking for £1000 posted in the UK, which I think is the cheapest one around


Now unregistered and boxed up, just looking for a new home :slight_smile:

Some pics for your viewing pleasure

Still very much for sale gents…. Also happy to listen to interesting vinyl part exchanges.

Still here. Still happy to talk offers / interesting part ex

For transparency, this is reduced to £890 on PFM and so it shall be here!

Just to prove that the finish does indeed look mint, the pics were just sub optimal before