SOLD: AVID Ingenium Twin Arm Turntable

Just in case anyone here is interested I have an AVID Ingenium Twin Arm Turntable.
Suitable for 12" and 9" SME fitment tonearms. Adaptors for other fittings are available elsewhere.
Also included is a pair of RCA to RCA tonearm cables.
Overall condition is excellent.

The arms pictured are not included :grin:

Asking £550 plus delivery.




One for @pmac with his huge SME collection :wink:


Certainly got the arms for it, unfortunately, not interested in the turntable, sorry :wink:

I’m sure @Tons_of_fun reviewed this version when it came out :thinking: I will have to see if I can track it down.

I did- still have it. Mine is SME/Rega drilled though making it only slightly easier to sell in the light of the recent announcement…

How hard can an SME to Rega adaptor be to buy/make though. Anyway a fine sounding TT for someone.

Pretty simple for anyone with suitable equipment.

There are thousands of second hand SME arms around and a lot more new ones available than you might think. I don’t think that SME’s decision regarding arm sales would be any impediment to your sale.

Still available. I also have the M2-12 arm (pictured) which I may be willing to sell with this.