SOLD Avondale Revelation 1 Speakers

I have a pair of super-rare RMS Revelation speakers with offboard crossovers to sell. They’re in excellent condition and perfect working order. If you don’t know them, they have a steel cabinet with integrated stand and a port which runs down the pillar and exits near the terminals. As a result they produce a lot more bass than you might expect. They come with a set of those spikes, I didn’t fit them to spare the floor. I can also chuck in some bits of cable if needed.

I was looking for £650 for them but I’m open to offers for trade. They’re based in Bristol and due to the integrated stand they’re pretty unwieldy to shift. I go to Ludlow fairly often and sometimes to the east of Bristol so meeting up is a possibility.


Very interesting speakers.
I can vouch for the seller, very good to deal with.

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Still available. £600?

Have you got the cloth covers that go over them ?

No. I assume they’d be some kind of legwarmer that covered the entire cabinet.

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