SOLD: Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6

Latest firmware installed. Cannot find a mark on the case, so condition is excellent. No box, but will sort something suitable if required.

£100 plus postage. Grab yourself a bargain

Interested/first dibs please. Does this do Spotify things?

I am not 100% sure. Maybe not. Will need to check.

They say that they all do Spotify connect, but then only mention the V2 of this.


Can I have this please ?

If @Ciderpig doesn’t want it, yes. I will fire it up in the morning to confirm the Spotify Connect support situation and report back.

That’s fine ! I’m ok with that …Micky

Sounds good to me thank you.

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This might help with Spotify.

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Well, it’s listing Spotify as an Input, so I guess it upgraded at some point. @Mickyricky , thanks for that link, but I guess it’s first dibs to @Ciderpig

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Happy to let Mucke take this. Cheers

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