Sold : Garrard 401 and twelve inches of Grace, on a plinth, with my reputation!

Look at that, just look at it, what a treat for the eyes and ears. But alas since a recent avalanche of audiophile gubbins has beset upon my lounge I’m getting dangerously close to x13 turntables.

And this one is (like a clearaudio i’m also rehoming) a threat to my beloved TD124 as I’m sorely tempted to switch her out, but I can’t, it’s just not fair so…

What have you, trade, swap, PX??

Or I’ll take £1800, she’s had a full nut and bolt resto and wants for nothing but a lover that’ll play with her!


Fuck, I hate being poor :rage:

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What are the plinth dimensions, please?

45 D x 55 W (slightly less, i rounded up as i had got out of bed, put some pants on and had to try and measure them without the neighbours filming me and throwing another “there’s him in his pants and we got it on film” party, which incidentally they never invite me the obvious star of the show along to the proceedings.

will measure properly when not under the cover of darkness and fully clothed.


I’m delivering an amplifier to Winchester tomorrow if there’s anyone down that way that fancys such a lovely thing?

By whom may I ask?

Also, roughly whereabouts are you?

the commuter’s republic of swindon (by happenstance rather than design or fortune) - Classic Turntable Company, it was done back in July, it’s an absolute beauty

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There is WAAAAAAY too much Temptation afoot in the classifieds right now :+1:

[and waaaaaay too little cash money chez moi rn]

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My issue is space not financial. I literally can’t accommodate a turntable this big!