SOLD: Jolida JD9 Mk 2 phono stage with mods

An eminently modifiable valve phono stage bought a couple of years ago from the Wam classifieds.

I cannot find the original FS thread on the Wam, but according to the seller from whom I bought it (styles997), he made following upgrades:UK clarity caps, Burr-Brown op-amps.

This is in addition to the Upgrade I mods made by Jolida, as specified on their website:

JD 9 Upgrade I: The addition of a resistor array to the input and driver tubes, Clarity Cap ESA output capacitors, gold pin 12AX7 Tungsol Tubes.
Retail Price: $250

It also has some kind of damping material stuck to the inside of the cover.

It is double-boxed. You will need a power lead (IEC).


I am in Bristol and will consider dropping it off if not too far.

PM me for more details.

Reduced to £300 delivered before I try and flog it elsewhere