The KAB EV-1 is a record cleaning machine with a difference, in that it doesn’t have a vacuum motor. Instead, you connect it to a domestic vacuum cleaner to provide suction.

It’s basically a Nitty Gritty minus the pump.

I’ve used this for a few years now, and recently replaced it with an Okki Nokki. The latter is more convenient, but I don’t think it gets my LPs any cleaner than the EV1.

What’s included:

KAB EV-1 main unit, hose (plus adapters), brush, 2 x spare vac sweep (velvet pad) kits (8 new pads in total - enough to last years), 1 x spindle repair kit (2 x new spindles, drill bit, glue and instructions). You just need to add cleaning fluid and a squeezy bottle to apply it.

The original spindle was not very well secured to the main body of the machine, so was easily snapped off. KAB acknowledged this and produced the repair kit. I’ve done one repair myself, resulting in a much more secure fixing. There are two more spindles in the box, so you are prepared for any future mishaps (you should be OK).

The EV1 is only available by import from USA. It currently costs $169 (plus shipping and customs charges). The spindle repair kit is $16 and the vac sweep kits $16.95 each, so you would be looking at just short of $220 (plus shipping, customs etc) for everything I’m including.

It’s all in pretty good condition and works perfectly.

Looking for £80 including UK postage.

This is taking up space. Offer me a swap or something.

I could use a basic integrated amp for my second system, for example, or a low end power amp to go with an old Rotel preamp I have lying about.