SOLD: Michell Gyro SE TT

The purge continues so I am reluctantly selling my Gyro SE / SME IV / Shelter 5000 setup. Which includes:

The Gyro SE turntable with the original box and power supply.
SME and Rega alloy armboards
Michell VC power supply upgrade.
A large clear Perspex cover
Audio Technica AT-618 Disc Stabalizer weight
A very nice condition SME IV with original box
SME tonearm cable
A superb Shelter 5000 cart with original box. I can’t be sure of the hours on this. I am the second owner. The guy I bought it from estimated 50 hours. As this is my second system I will not have added that many more but the visual look of the cantilever indicates more to me. It sounds wonderful though. It’s right up there close to the IO imo. They cost around £2k new.

Selling for £3k collected all in. I would rather wait and sell as a package although I am happy to keep the Shelter.

I also have an ASR Mini Basis MM/MC phono stage which works really nicely with the Shelter


@spider another pretty TT for Kate :wink:


They can collect it at my bake off :grinning:

Lovely TT but the bank balance says No way this time.

Open to close offers

I’d be interested in the arm if you’re willing to split

Reduced to £2800

Bargain time £3200 with the ASR phonostage

Now selling the TT minus arm and cart for £950
Can post at cost as it’s all boxed up


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