SOLD: Oris Artix GT Chronograph watch

I purchased this very recently but have decided that 44mm sits a little too large on my wrist so up for sale. This watch has never actually been worn so as new unmarked condition.

Boxed with tags and booklet. As well as the standard stainless steel strap I will include a brand new Di Modell Leather strap as pictured.

£1200 delivered. RRP was £2700 but can be found for around £2200 with the stainless steel strap but still a substantial saving on new.


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Nice - shame my wrists are like twigs.:weary:

Kevin will be here in a mo.

44mm :flushed:
That would go round both my wrists and would be very useful if you wanted to tell the time while wearing handcuffs!
looks fantastic though :grinning:


That’s no moon.


Very cheap :+1:t2:

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Love my Oris - they are a LOT of watch for the money :+1:

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No one up for this? I have seen a couple of pre owned ones recently for near on £2k

Here is one:

Mine is £1200. Just sayin… :grinning:

Been offered £1400 p/x from a dealer but the watch I was interested in has now sold. Happy to do a decent deal with any interested meatmen.

Stick it on Chrono24 Nick - cheapest ones on there (allowing for duty & tax) are the best part of £2K. Even with fees, you’ll do better than the part-ex offer, never mind what these tight-fisted cunts will pay… :joy:

Too late. Sold now took the hit for new watch reasons.

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